Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ukraine Temple Dedication

I saw this video about a week ago.
I love the Russian people!
I love understanding a little of what they say.
I love their accents.
I love their testimonies.
I love their devotion to the gospel.
I love how the gospel changes their lives.

This made me cry! I felt the spirit so strongly!

I have a friend, Yulia, from Samara Russia (where Dan served his mission) and she was there! She performed! She now can go to the temple of the Lord!
I love her conviction and how the gospel is everything to her.
She is the "Eden" of the Samara branch; she sings beautifully, dances, and loves missionary work.
Nearly every picture on her facebook has something to do with the gospel!
What an example Yulia is to me!


the long bus ride!

so many of her pictures are with missionaries!

 In the church building Dan and I visited. She LOVES the temple and the book of mormon, can you tell?

to top it all off, she's hilarious!

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