Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Whew! I have CRAZY dreams --- whatever is my worst fear comes alive at night. This morning I woke up and all my muscles were tight and my eye was twitching (ok, I'm not psychotic or anything, it was just a stressful dream)!
Some of the adventurous ones that don't involve death or infidelity:
I've fought off star troopers when Darth Vader wanted me to be his daughter
Jumped out of windows into swimming pools (though I'm not one who has that feeling of "falling" in dreams --- luckily!)
I have been in crazy car chases with people shooting at me
I hosted my cousins (from Utah) when they traveled the plains
The world has ended (multiple times)
We watched Eagle Eye (which I loved though it was intense) and I basically reenacted it in my dream

I love it when I'm scared (after an intense movie) and Danny sings me to sleep :)

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