Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Night out

Danny and I had so much fun on our night out this week! We went to Color Me Mine on a long-awaited date :)
We had so much fun looking through books of ceramic painted pots and finally found the most beautiful Iris -- and it became the inspiration piece for our new apartment.

We laughed and painted for hours!
I love that Dan loves painting. He is really very creative --- his creation was a pointillism vine. Genius.

I love that he loves my hobbies!

my dear friend Lexi (alexibullockdesign.com showed this to me).

We want to do an instillation in our home as our fun do-it-yourself project.
IT looks like this:

I love purple! I realized half the clothes I wear to church are purple.
It makes me feel gorgeous.
And reminds me of being "royalty," a literal daughter of God.
I've always wanted a lavender bathroom.
So our apartment will be mostly white with living plants and wood and PURPLE accents.

When we first saw our new home I fell asleep thinking about decorating it (and about my dear, sweet Danny--of course).
This home reminds me of some of my favorite homes in Europe.
It's old.
But looks new inside.
It's nearly all white and has old, honey-colored wood floor.
I love its wavy glass blocks that let light stream into the entryway.
I love its vintage oven
And I love its back yard! I can't wait to lay on the grass under the sun! When we eat lunch outside right now, we have a 3ft. strip of green right by University Parkway (we tried it on Saturday :)).
I can't wait for Dan to grill in OUR BACKYARD!


  1. wait.. you bought a house? I"m so confused! You guys need to keep me updated! :)

  2. We will be renting a house. Its super cute and way cheaper than where we're staying now..and it doesn't have radon so we should feel better :) We'll move in a couple weeks!