Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A flood...

The last 24 hours have been crazy. Humorous, in fact.
We came home late Saturday night and our apartment was flooding from the water heater breaking on the third floor. The resident managers were laughing "As if Radon poisoning wasn't enough, we just had to send you out with flooding :)"
It's funny how hard things make Danny and me tough it out together so well.
He's been nice to arrange our closet in our living room in such a way that it still seems clean!
I couldn't find my social security card in the mess! But finally I did.
But in the rush, I just saw my drivers license in my wallet and grabbed it. But when I drove to SLC to set up employment, I found it was my old voided drivers license!
I realized I forgot my ski pass too!
Unfortunately that didn't matter because the canyon was closed because it was too busy! It was such a gorgeous day and Rach and Dan had waited all day for me to go to 3 meetings in SLC so they could ski! I felt so so badly to wreck that gorgeous day!
The freeway was stop and go all the way home.
Then a friend came over to tell us about her business and tried to recruit us to be part of a network marketing scheme!
All while cramping...
By the end we were just laughing! What a CRAZY day!
I AM WORKING ON PLANNING and today should go much better :)

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