Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Magazine Cuisine

My parents are so cool!
They started this thing called Magazine Cuisine where if you read the entire Ensign, initialing each article, then you get $20.00 to eat dinner out!
This month we took a spontaneous trip to Riverwoods mall after going to the temple. We really needed some time to just talk and have fun so we window shopped and ate Chinese food :)
Danny and I want to continue the tradition. For us, we weren't doing very well on our personal scripture study though we studied together daily. We have friends whose marriages are struggling and they could receive many answers through reading the Ensign and being spiritually fed; then they together will be emotionally fed. Then their marriages are double strengthened by having a night out together as their reward! When Dan and I are older, we want to make newly married couples one of our "organizations" that we donate to :) For now, we'll completely enjoy spending time together on our special night out and being spiritually uplifted.

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