Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trip home from home :)

Veedawoo. When I was little we'd come here and pretend to be squirrels like Miss Susie (a squirrel) who protected her tree house home from the mean soldiers. We'd collect pine cones, bring our school up there and eat picnic lunches, and play "smurf."
 There are so many really cool rocks that just look like they'd fall off and crush you! We also loved finding the holes in the rocks where Native Americans would grind their food.


 Danny and I got stuck in the snow but luckily he used his big muscles to free our car.
 In the middle of nowhere Wyoming there are shimmery lights. But it's not a big city, it's a town called Sinclair (maybe you've bought Sinclair gasoline). Danny and I stopped to take a look :)

I think part of the town law was that you could ONLY drive a pick-up truck. 

This one was Danny's favorite -- he found orange smoke! (This is totally unaltered)

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