Saturday, December 4, 2010

My favorite part of the night

I loved visiting Kirt and introducing him to Daniel and Rach. I see the world through different eyes because of Kirt. His blindness has helped him remain so child-like. He doesn't necessarily understand cultural norms but he sees the world with such innocence---and teaches me so much.
I love Kirt because I can be so open with him and him with me. We never had the typical, shallow "get to know you" conversation but just launched into a deep discussion about life.
How would it be to not know what you looked like? To never be told you were handsome?
He told me a funny story...that he teased a Hispanic girl for being a blonde because he didn't know that darker skin means you have dark hair.
And this one's kind of sad. His dad told him "Kirt, you're white but I'm black." And Kirt believed him for nearly 4 years!
I had a little scare. Kirt was petting the llamas who were a little antsy after having been dragged around Provo for two hours. Kirt was petting the softest one with long, great fur! He said "Wow! How do they make its fur like that???" But the llama started to kick at Kirt and me! I nearly forgot that Kirt couldn't see the leg kicking at him! How scary!
I just thought of how much I love beauty; I love seeing the world around me---how light falls on people's faces; how the singer last night made such great facial expressions, the beauty of my family, sunsets, and many other things.
Kirt takes my mind off myself. I was cramping last night and I kept thinking about it but when I led Kirt around I forgot about myself. That's what it means to "lose your life" and you'll "find it." Service.


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