Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Tribute to Danny

7 Reasons I love Danny this week
1) He calls me "Lyssa pants" (what better nickname could you ask for?) and puts lyss in everything. "Merry Lyss-mas," "kissy face" ("Cuz I want to kiss your face!"), and most recently at carollama "Lyss-truction" (long for Lyss and destruction).
2) Each day he sets up our space heater so it blows right on me, grabs me a sweater and my new fuzzy pink slippers he bought for me.
3) When I'm cramping I come home from work, he gave me an amazing blessing---dressed in a suit! and got me kleenex and ibuprofen to ease the pain; then cuddled with me for a moment before running off to work to provide for me.
4) He came to my doctor's appointments with me and had sympathy when they did 12 tests on me.
5) Thursday he helped me with long philosophical papers until midnight. Kierkegaard is the hardest class I've taken at BYU and Danny helps me understand the difficult writing and express my ideas clearly.
6) He emptied and loaded the dishes MANY times this week
7) My favorite: he gets really excited WITH ME about my crazy ideas of what business I'll start next year.

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