Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Dream of Eden

My watercolor teacher sent us to find our favorite titles at the Museum of Art and we narrowed them down in a fun way until I chose "The Dream of Eden." This first one resembles the ideas overall: Eden as a dreamer, reaching for her dreams but what dreams?
This picture represents the beauty of Eden---especially her beauty before this life.That's why I chose to do so many of these in watercolors because watercolors are transparent and more dreamlike; they show every brush stroke and cover up nothing. They are etherial. Red is her favorite color :)
The dream of Eden is to go to Australia! This "window" on her dream is in the shape of Australia. The books represent the knowledge she'll gain before traveling; the suitcases represent what she'll have to pack (including her favorite hat); the clock is the time---when will she go?; and the pictures are the memories she'll make while she's there. 
This painting is a modern piece that symbolizes Eden and her husband being united as one because that is one of Eden's greatest dreams. 
Finally, this tree is similar to one that was in the beach cottage where Daniel and I went for our honeymoon. This represents marriage and now connecting with eternity in the middle of the tree. Also, this is the tree that represents Eden's eternal posterity. Purple is her royalty and the pink behind was her sense of design because it's laid out in really cool ways. The funny looking character is a Russian "D" that's the signature of "Danny and Dani" :)

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