Saturday, December 4, 2010


People drove by us with jaws open. A Llama! In the middle of Provo? YES! We are crazy college students collecting food for the food bank.
I hadn't considered the implications of taking a llama around Provo. Ours was scared of cars. And it loved its friends--if they weren't inside he didn't want to move.

So... we played tug-of-war!

And we "rode" him.
Along the way we found the coolest gingerbread houses. Unfortunately the people weren't too interested in the llamas OR us singing (they kind of ignored us as we sang).
Rach finally worked her magic (she grew up on a farm) and the llamas loved her. 

I learned there are some bah-humbugs in Provo. We could see some people moving around who didn't come listen to us and each time Rach said they bah-humbugs the llama wouldn't move. Then she'd apologize to Kuzco, and he'd move! What a funny llama. Anyway, Rach had the magic touch!
 We hadn't collected much food, so we decided to pair up with Molly (another Llama) who'd help our llama get a move on. Then we went to Regency and stood in the "fish bowl" and called about 50 residents out and sang to them. THEY filled our carts and the night was a success!

we love the llamas...      
don't worry, we got more food than that! 

beautiful Rach!!!

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