Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I learn in training.

I am blessed to have one of the best trainers in the entire world! I love going to work because it is continually a growing process where I realized more about myself, come to appreciate other people, and cultivate this compelling desire to help others do what is truly best for them.

Tonight I learned a lesson about organization. However, this lesson has been building for months.
I have observed Steven, my trainer, and how he is incredibly organized with prioritizing his time. This doesn't mean that his desk is always picked up, but the more important "life" type of organization.
I have been trying very hard to not work sporadically -- trying not to fall into my typical trap. Instead of taking a couple days off of work and life and completing everything on my to-do list I'm trying to accomplish a few things each day, beginning with the most important.

You see, I am a person who tends to jump into things. Whatever I am doing at that moment becomes all-consuming and I feel that I should devote my entire life to that task.
This is inconvenient.
I play the guitar and think that's what I'll do every night for the next month.
Or paint and think I should immediately change my major to art.
I mean to blog for 5 minutes and I post 15 blogs at once and then don't post for 3 weeks (It's true, check the posts).

So while making this transition I observed a client (let's call her Sandra --- though I've seen many cases identical to this one) who is thinking of buying a home. Her credit could be amazing but truly, she wasn't organized. Some bills came to her parents home and she didn't get them quickly enough. She accumulated collections and though they could easily have been paid off, the collectors then continue counting the debts after they are paid. And she has a low low credit score so she can't qualify for a house.
It's amazing to me that this person could have never had a single collection and could have avoided the mess had they been organized.

And yet, I see myself in similar situations! I was notified a week ago that I was missing a class for graduation. I now have to petition it! So stupid because it could have been easily taken care of had I been organized.

I also hate missing out on ANYTHING.
--I wanted to go on the high school choir trip not because I'd love LA or Disneyland but because I didn't want to miss out on all the inside jokes.
--When I was young my parents made me a check off list because I would come out of bed a ridiculous amount -- I didn't want to miss anything!
Danny and I observed that I usually go to bed a few hours later than I would choose to and it's because I have this drive to do everything or I'll miss out! I can't sleep --- things are still going on in the world!
Even today I can't take a nap because I can't miss out on anything that's going on.
--I used to go to the spontaneous dance party though I would have rather been home painting or reading because I thought I'd miss out.

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