Friday, April 8, 2011


My father taught me about being a chameleon.
Being a chameleon means that you adapt to whoever is around you.
I began practicing on dates.
If the date was a sports fan, I was a sports fan. If they loved travel, we spent most the date talking about traveling. If they were spiritual, our discussions were gospel-based. If they were the life of the party personality and everything was about being fun and spontaneous, we threw oranges out of their jeep going 70 mph.
You see, being a chameleon means that you are still your own person but you are so varied in your interests that you converse with everyone.
And you match them.
If they want to speak very slowly, you speak very slowly etc.
This skill has served me well as I begin my career in Real Estate. I have so much fun because when someone walks through the model door I immediately have a challenge.
I first guess what personality-type they are. Are they an owl (to the facts person), or a bull who wants to be in control.
Then I let them lead the conversation. And if a guy is super gruff, you simply remark to his wife "wow, he's not cutting me any slack!" Because he WANTS to feel in control; he WANTS to be gruff!
And if they ask you all the facts, you answer them straightforwardly.
And if their only interest in the home is the movie they saw last Friday, you talk about that.

It is so fun to me.
I love matching people.
It is truly a skill you can develop.

And I've learned that people really often like their same type of personality (e.g. analytical owls like the people who answer their 27 questions they've been asking every builder in the state) so it's fun to try and mirror them and connect with them no matter who they are.

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  1. I'm really glad I'm the friend you giggle (A LOT) with :) You're truly incredible!