Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mexicans know how to Pahr-tay!!!!

We live in a house and have neighbors who live in the basement. They are the sweetest family! He is from Argentina and she is from Mexico. And while Oscar speaks a little English, Nancy doesn't speak any.

We love their little son Jonathan (yawn-a-ton as they call him).

Today was his baptism and we found out Mexicans know how to PARTY!!!


They wrapped kids with TP

The adults played musical chairs

There was amazing hispanic food and tons of decorations and they invited over 50 people!!! Everyone was so nice and very few spoke any English so it felt like we were in another country...and we were the minority!

We spent most of the time hanging out with the kids.
Dan's favorite sight today was to see him jump off the cement patio and belly-flop into the grass and dirt of the back yard wearing his completely white 3-piece baptism tux!

The party was complete with Barney, Baby-Bop, and BJ who sang "I love you, you love me" and all the kids danced to spanish music---chipmunk style! I do have to admit, the macarena sounded pretty funny sung in a high-pitched chipmunk voice!

What a fun evening! Danny made the greatest observation...when he does something nice for me (an adult) it lasts a long time with me appreciating it. When you do something as nice as a 8 hour party for a 3 year old complete with everything they could lasts only momentarily.

Just after the party, we hear screaming and stomping feet like we've never before heard from little Jonathan. :)

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  1. What a fun day. It's nice having such friendly neighbors.