Sunday, May 26, 2013

Womens Conference -- Brown's Come to Provo

We enjoyed the concert at Women's Conference. Especially the moms singing "Bye Bye Bye" (putting their kids to bed). Pretty funny :) 
 Dan, Savannah, Eden, and McKay were the babysitters. Milah had a ton of fun as you can see :)

We loved bowling! As you can see Dan beat us all with a score of 153 points! Nearly his all-time high :) The bowling pins are on strings -- unique.

Blickenstaff's -- always a favorite! Dan is talented enough to ride AND hold Milah. 

 Those of us who like heights (not me haha) did a ropes course. McKay and I watched and played giant Connect 4!

Then we all tried sushi rolls -- most of my family for the first time :) Jake, Dan, and I all love sushi so it was a special treat. We got to watch the master chefs make delicious rolls.

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