Sunday, May 26, 2013

Milah...Are You Drinking Slime? And Other Ramblings About Our Lives Lately....

She loves our morning juices :)

Yesterday we had a yard sale after cleaning out our garage for like 5 days straight! It was pretty rid of a mini fridge (from our town home), lots of clothes, our old blender etc. 

We've been trying to teach Milah not to pull over our kitchen trash can and she gets her feelings hurt really easily. Telling her not to use the toilet to stand up is pretty much impossible -- she stands up on everything. She's also figured out how to explore our cabinets and open and shut them so she does that while I cook and clean. We still put bread and other food in little pieces all over the house and make her treasure hunt for her breakfast. She's been learning to feed herself though -- more about that later. She has learned to say a few words including "Mama, Dada, hair, eye, Milah (she tries), no, yes, yeah, baba, nana (for bananas), num num (food) etc,). She sleeps with her bum up in the air and legs curled under her and her face down -- its a pretty funny position. Oh, and she's back to blowing out like no one's business! She's had so many baths! She loves to read the Big Red Barn with me and she just recently learned to make the "mooo" noise. I see her open up "Moo, Baa, Lalala" and start mooing at the cow. Any animal deserves a bunny rabbit sniff. Oh, and she pulled out Marjory Pay Hinckley's Small and Simple Things book and I read it with her which meant smelling all the flowers. Haha. She loves standing and pulling up and crouching down almost to sitting (basically doing a squat) over and over and over. She's still on her eating spree so she's got a big belly :)

We've been living a more "relaxed life" which still involves Dan studying at the library just after gymming until dinner. It's been good to be on a schedule. One of the results of this is that I get to read while Milah sleeps and now she'll sleep for 2-3 hours a day if I'm silent! I read Goose Girl, Forest Born, and River Secrets by Shannon Hale and loved them! My favorite was probably Goose Girl or Forest Born -- one of the things I like is that Shannon Hale writes in a very vivid "close third person narrative" so she describes the wind lifting and twirling Ani's hair -- beautiful imagery; but then she avoids writing super vivid descriptions of the bad stuff so I haven't had bad dreams from it.  

Last night Danny and I watched an entire movie! That didn't even happen in Mexico! It was an old Tom Hanks movie. It was kinda fun to get through a whole one. 

 Lately we've been watching broke, which is a documentary about how 78% of NFL players go broke after 2 years. It was crazy to learn all the things they spend money on. One of the things that struck us most was that they could do all these things simultaneously (e.g. buy their mom a house (some players have 6 mortgages), pay for their entourage of sometimes 40 people to go to bars, buy 6 Ferraris and other fancy cars, have horrible financial advisors who are crooks, invest in stuff like car washes that are really scams and don't exist). The thing that seemed to make them the most easily broke was getting a divorce. 

We have been loving working out still though I've taken up running and still lift heavy, but I just have to acknowledge that I'm just maintaining not building muscle. 

I've been cooking meat lately -- broccoli beef, brazed tips, janice's banquet chicken, spaghetti sauce with meat (2x). I think I'm lacking iron or something because it just sounds good :) 

Also, I haven't been too sick lately from pregnancy. Instead of thinking I'm sick for 3 months I should just remember with both pregnancies so far, I've only been really sick for 4 weeks and then it's over if I keep myself fed. That doesn't sound so bad now does it? I'm already showing -- much earlier with Milah. This morning Dan said "you're nice to your body when you're pregnant and its nice to you" meaning that I don't get too huge. We'll see if that's true with baby #2. I really hope so! 

Tomorrow we go to Moab with Dan's fam and he's going sky diving! Then on to visit my family for a week or so. Then back to Provo for only 2 weeks until we move and then go to Hebegen then stay in Uncle Rick's house then finally move in in CA and Dan starts his job!!! What an adventure :) 

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  1. I've totally read those books by Shannon Hale! They're a nice quick read with an interesting and good story!