Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pregnancy + Bike Riding

And the bike strikes again! I did the same thing as when I was pregnant with Milah. I saw a school bus who was turning where I was turning and through my head goes..."pregnancy + getting hit by a bus = bad news." So I stupidly braked while signaling to the bus, letting one hand off the handle bars and front flipping off my bike. Luckily I broke the fall pretty well hitting my shoulder, elbow, hands, knee, and somehow even my shin all while protecting my stomach from the handlebar just waiting to gouge me! Yay for front flips :)
Dan now reminds me "both hands while biking" :) But really, he is so sweet and says that when Milah or I get hurt it makes him sick and just gives him that horrible feeling. I love my protector-husband :)
See? Minimal damage.

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