Saturday, August 11, 2012


Dan and I both commented if you told us we would live with bedbugs we wouldn't have believed you. When I was little Eden and I would sometimes say "Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite" and I'd shudder at the thought. I thought that was only in Africa or some third world country. Nope! We've had them all summer. I wasn't sure they were really bedbugs but I had all these mosquito looking bites that were super itchy. I just held out, but we've found a few of the actual bugs and they are definitely bed bugs. But we know that we'd just have to find somewhere else to live for 5 weeks or however long so it's not worth it.

Bug count: 1 large, dead budbug on sheets; 1 tiny, alive bedbug on blanket; 1 largest-I've-seen-yet cockroach overturned in the middle of our hallway after finding the bedbugs (luckily I nudged him with my sandal before trying to pick him up! He flipped over and almost ran under the bookcase before I stepped on him! I grabbed him with toilet paper and threw him in the toilet bowl and came back a minute later to see him trying to crawl up the side of the bowl with his entrails in dragging in the water). Then, to finish the day, after biking home in the rain I took off my soaked shirt and found a huge, soaking wet, gray spider flattened to the inside of my shirt over the right shoulder. He too came back to life after a minute and I had to quickly smash him in my shirt. :) Weird day, huh?

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