Monday, February 25, 2013

Visiting Cheyenne

We LOVED visiting Cheyenne! We went for walks/ripsticking along the greenway and went bowling. Dan bowled the high score at 164 points!!!! What a pro :) Milah got a push-along walker and we found out she could walk between us using its support. She's so talented! It is her favorite electronic toy. There is a little door and she likes to open it and close it so it makes a "creeeeak" sound; she then copies the sound sucking in her breath. It gave us all a laugh!
She loves bowling!

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  1. The last year we were at BYU, Taber took a bowling class both semesters right around the lunch hour. Gwenivere LOVED bringing daddy lunch and watch him bowl for a bit. I'm so glad Milah loves it too!