Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Sweet Milah

Today I sat with windows open, soft light shining in on Milah who was curled up on my lap; arms and legs spread eagle with her chest against mine. Her head lay on my chest just resting there completely happy and at peace. It was such a special moment where I remembered to slow down and take joy in her. She is such a special little girl (and she feels much more like a little girl than a baby now) who is growing in intelligence and spirit every day. After she rested on my chest, she started playing with my apron tie, showing me how to put it in her mouth and blow out and then putting it to my mouth for me to try. She made up a game! I can’t believe how fun she is as she becomes more able to interact! I cannot wait for her to be able to talk and to express what she's thinking out loud. She already says "mama," "dada," "yeah," and "hello" in her own ways. 

 She loves eating anything with her hands or our food. If it's blended there's no chance she'll eat it -- unless it's from my bowl and then she loves it. Haha. She crawls for puffs or corn chex :) One of her favorites foods is our morning juices or smoothies, which are so simple but healthy: 60% kale; 40% mixed berries, strawberries, and hemp milk (sometimes alfalfa sprouts or romaine lettuce too). She loves the taste of greens most of all!

 We made homemade pink playdough yesterday and Milah loved it! Her attention span is about 15 minutes, but we had a lot of fun in that 15 minutes! She especially loved squishing the playdough balls between her fingers and breaking off teeny pieces...then at the end she threw it all on the ground :)

Milah is back to loving the bath! Yay! I am so glad :) We have fun playing with all her toys, turning on the little space heater, and listening to Raffi (childrens songs). She loves experimenting with the water that comes through the holes in the plastic bowls in the pictures. She tries to grab the water as it flows in a little stream through the holes :)
I used to make this EXACT face. I didn't think she looked much like me at all until I saw this picture -- now I see the resemblance!

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