Thursday, January 24, 2013

Recap of January

We have had 2 weeks of vacation. :) It has been the best 2 weeks of our lives. We have been so happy, loving, and playing with Milah all the time. 

Fun things include: 

1/11 Friday night we went to Bombay house after I tried to make Indian food Thursday night. I'm not sure what possessed me to add 1/2 a jalapeno pepper to our vegetable stir fry (the recipe called for a whole pepper but I should have known even half would be too hot!). Bombay house was so fun, and so SO delicious! We had a really neat table and Milah loved watching all the people. We even turned her away from us and to the walk way for a while so she could coo at the people walking by :)

1/12 Danny got a ski day with his family! There were FEET of new powder for them to frolic in :) Milah and I decided that the -1 degree weather (-10 with windchill) was too cold for us and ran errands and hung out at home with Eden. 

1/13 We visited Dan's family in Layton for Mia's birthday and had fun seeing Lynn and kids (especially Eliza loved seeing Alyssa), Mike and Maddie, and the Holbrook Grandparents (who loved seeing Milah...I told them that my Patriarchal Blessing says that my posterity will thank their progenitors for the many gifts they enjoy, including their intelligence and physical appearance). 

CAKE....While enjoying delicious red velvet cake for Mia's birthday, I was deep in thought and suddenly my fork snapped, flinging red velvet cake all over Dan, the couch, and the floor. It was in our hair -- everywhere! Dan said he finally understands how my brain works. I was in a place that should have been so mellow and peaceful with all the family around, Mia just opening up gifts and suddenly -- whack! I was so deep in thought I broke my fork. In Aunt Heather's words, "What the!"

Dan and I took Milah to the pet shop. What a delight to see all the fun animals!

This week, we went to the Library together and checked out books on babies' brains and how they work. Milah sure loves the kids at the Library. Nikki and I went to story time with our girls and they were in heaven! We'll have to go more often. Dan has been looking into GMAT prep courses and will soon decide which one to take. At dinners we often watch Africa video from the trip. There are hours and hours of 30 sec footage -- which I applaud Dan for keeping them that short yet getting out the video camera so many times. He got to see such amazing things! I especially liked the people and the baby animals. 

We have played a couple of games of Scrabble together. What a blast! We played a 2 1/2 hour game and ended up one point apart! Here's our scrabble board :)

We started working out at the gym! It has been really fun to record (write down) what muscle(s) I'm working out each day and how many sets and reps I do and the weight. It's neat to see improvement already! Dan is really nice to watch Milah (though I do try to go when she is asleep). 

We also went to our favorite frozen yogurt place with Eden. We love seeing her!

We spent a lot of a day with Nikki and Kate. Milah has hated baths since the break. We put her in and she screams and screams and is SO scared! She did take a bath with Kate though, and it seemed to cure her of her fears! 

Danny and I have been reading a book called Visions of Glory and we really love it! It has changed our thoughts on Premortality, the Spirit Prison and Paradise that are on this earth, and why we meet people and have relationships.
The thing it's changed most in our lives because of this book is more quality time with Milah. More time watching her grow and progress. Because of Danny's diligent work, she learned to roll back and forth! What a miracle that she doesn't hate being on her tummy now! She used to strong-arm us so we couldn't flip her over onto her stomach. The things she will roll over on her tummy for? The "bugs" game on the tablet and bananas covered in icecream. How funny. She sure is fun to watch! She is growing and progressing so quickly. 

We've also been enjoying TED talks during dinner. I especially love this one because it talks about appreciating the everyday moments....I've beend doing that better lately. Not hurrying. Taking time. 

1/18 Friday we went to see "Wreck It Ralph" on a freezing, foggy night at the Water Gardens theater in Pleasant Grove. I (Dan) really liked the movie, and the best part was at the end when the Owl City song was blasting and Milah had her bright eyes flashing around the screen and all the people in the packed theater and I had her dance standing on my lap and lifting her in the air and she was laughing and smiling so huge. One of the most fun nights Milah and I have ever had.

I made a yummy grapefruit drink, sandwich salad, and lentil stew for dinner and we ate by candlelight with our beautiful blue place settings.

1/19 Our second Saturday we wanted to try more Indian food :), so we went to a buffet called Star of India and City Creek in Salt Lake City. City Creek was fun and a good way to not complain about cramping. Here are the darling clothes we got for Milah at H&M. $1.25 hat and shirt! Score!

1/20 I was called to be the ward organist and the Relief Society chorister. There were some amazing blessings promised me as I juggle these two callings. Our family will continue to have music in our home and lives. I will be able to prioritize time to accomplish all I need to. Also, there were specific things quoted from my patriarchal blessing. The righteous desires of my heart will be met; as I ask to develop specific talents and gifts the Lord will give them to me. I will be able to accomplish...

1/21 (Dan) Milah's other front tooth on top broke through and the one next to it is sooo close. So close, in fact, that we were only checking the top gum to see if it came through, and today (Monday) she broke TWO teeth on the bottom that we didn't even see until late tonight when they were already sticking out! Milah has been really nice, and fun despite having 3 teeth come in in 3 days and a fourth almost sticking out.

She actually doesn't make this face too much, surprisingly. It's just because we were messing with her.

1/23 Last night we lit our candles in our living room and danced to soft music on spotify with Milah sleeping. How happy our lives are! 
I started playing "A Child's Gift of Lullabies" piano version of the lullabies from my childhood. It seems to calm her down. Milah is hilarious because she "sings" herself to sleep for her naps and at bedtime. She loudly says "baaaallaaaaammmmaaaa" etc. and she gets louder and louder until she falls asleep! Hilarious! While I write this post she's been playing in her crib for the last 20 minutes or so. I think I'll go get her.

1/24 Today we had freezing rain! I couldn't believe it. I'd never seen such a thing. It was black ice all over including the snow that was already on the ground and had partially melted then was rained on and froze. I had to hold onto something the entire way from my car to Gold's gym! I couldn't even make it up the slight grade on our front walk. It was bizarre! When I got to the gym I said "These people who are here working out will stick with it and be thin for the rest of their lives! (or they'll be dead because they're the ones stupid enough to drive in this weather). This is dedication."

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