Friday, April 6, 2012

Night with the Bennett's

Yesterday i was having a lot of fun with my old roommate Rach and I was going to tell her when you get married how you get something I never expected! I got such a mentor through Dan's mission presidents. We make lots of decisions thinking how would the Bennett's decide this or what would their advice be?

Baby Milah is still breech and President Bennett said the greatest thing to me. He looked me in the eyes with love and at the same time being stern and said simply "Relax." He assured that the Lord's will would be done and that He could perform miracles we would never believe possible. It doesn't matter if the baby's bum is engaged already, if she is supposed to flip or not.

I am so grateful for their love and their messages and advice to a young couple who is just trying to figure things out!
You will notice Pr Bennett's crutches in the background. He came to be with all his AP's and to learn about our lives just 7 hours after he went in for surgery! And he thanked us for taking time to come talk to him! Sister Bennett is the greatest support for her husband. I love this amazing couple!

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