Friday, April 6, 2012

A fun afternoon with Rach

I wish we had taken some pictures!

Rach and I had so much fun together yesterday afternoon. I wish we had taken a picture or two! I have been trying to go through my old clothes -- I keep a lot of clothes!!! Some are from highschool some from freshman year. And I realized that some I haven't worn since freshman year! Maybe only 1 or 2 times...that's pretty crazy! I moved 6 times freshman and sophomore years...why did I lug these around?

Anyway, I love my formal/business style and I have been thinking of what I will like to wear as a mom at home each day. I know it's not t-shirts. And in browsing the mall yesterday, I found that I really like bright colors with fun styles and that are actually fairly trendy but still classy.

When I was dating Danny, I wore Eva's clothes all the time because she had a bunch of bright colors and I've been missing them! I think I wore them because I liked them and also because Danny liked them -- I remember he would always compliment me on something in my outfit each and every day. I was amazed when he'd say I love your crimped hair! I love that headband etc. Rach pointed out that that's my real style. She should be a consultant or something because she has such a great sense of style and an amazing ability to not impose her style on you, which is hard to do! You tend to like people dressed in things that are your style...but she is great at it! Its quite a talent.

I loved being able to share a heart-to-heart conversation with Rach. Somehow she brings out your true thoughts and feelings and you can just open your heart to her. You know she's not judging you and that she will sympathize with you. Life seems so much clearer after you talk to Rach -- you know exactly what you should do and if you don't then you just feel at peace!

Well I love Rach!!!

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  1. My dearest Alyssa,

    I love you more than words can say. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful afternoon to spend with you. You bless my life in so many ways!

    All the sunshine I can send,