Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stupid ways to lose money/why old apartments stink:

1. Get a $150.00 ticket for speeding
2. In trying to save money, we didn't run our air conditioner = 80 degree heat. It backfired bigtime. A couple days ago I felt like I had food poisoning. We assumed our beans went bad. Then today Dan opened 3 cans of tuna, which popped when he opened them meaning they were likely bad. And we are STILL discovering cans of food that went bad from the heat in our apartment.
3. Dan is an awesome mosquito killer! One night we closed our bathroom door and while I brushed and flossed my teeth Dan killed 16 mosquitoes in our bathroom alone!!! Then two nights ago we found 30 or so little spiders crawling on our bedroom wall. We tried to kill them all. Yesterday we killed some more but I still have a bunch of spider bites all over my legs.

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