Thursday, February 16, 2012

Staying home vs. Work

My mom told me she's been reading that book about wife/husband relationships and a girl asked about going to prom her last year with her boyfriend vs. his sport game that same night. Dr. Laura said "do you love him? Do you think this is serious like maybe a future marriage? If you really love him than you give gifts"

To Danny:

I was just thinking of the gifts I could give you. Of course, after a monthly meeting (that's when I always feel the most motivated) it seemed like maybe I should just give us more income. What if that's really what would be better? To work for another 3 weeks or something? Is that what would be nicest to you? 

I realized that really coming home IS the greatest gift to you. There I can keep our lives in order, take care of stupid little things so you don't have to, work on taxes, my class, preparation for Milah, finances etc. And it's not the greatest spender I can be, but how thrifty does matter so I'm not putting financial stress on you - but that's still a better gift than working for another while. It will benefit our marriage. 

So while it is tempting to work, there are lots of couples who have plenty of money and their relationship falls apart. It is more important for me to focus on our relationship and truly to just be happy at home as a mother. That's the #1 requirement I would hope for Dillon and McKay as they choose wives -- a wife who is HAPPY at home. It's easy to be home; lots of moms do that and they're sulking, hating their life -- but how great is it to love being home and appreciate the sacrifice of you Danny boy. 

I love you so much! 

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